Winded Soul

A storm is brewing,
Outside of my mind.
The rain is falling.
The winds keep calling,
Me away from myself.

Inside I felt all.
The crashing thunder,
With a blinding flash preceding.
Winds pass through me,
Like dreams in the night.

My dreams are as strong
As this storm passing through.
Could I place them,
On the gusting winds?

Would they soar into the unknown?
Anything would be better,
Than this waiting and wanting.
A chance to try,
Or even an opportunity to fail,
Must breathe more life than this.

In a world such as this,
Where dreams are forgotten,
There still should be hope,
For those retaining vision.
Only to live a life worth living.

A gift this would be,
Beyond all others.
A freedom unlike any felt before.
To be as you know
You were destined to being.

A storm is brewing,
Inside of my heart.
To ride the thrashing wind,
With my dreams well in sight.
This I wish to happen tonight.