Hope I didn’t scare you, but it is Halloween time after all. Little ghosts and goblins, super heroes, and princesses will all be eagerly searching for candy from strangers. Normally, this not good practice, however Trick-or-Treating makes it OK and these strangers are our neighbors. So, it is safe to assume that these people whom you share a tract of land with are not going to attempt to harm your children. Interesting.

That said, Halloween is a kid’s holiday. I’ve never been to an adult Halloween party. It is an intriguing event to me and, as much as I like Batman, I might need to hit the gym a bit before I can pull off the costume. I would say leave costumes and Halloween night to the children. Your job as an adult is to pass out candy. Unfortunately, we do live in times where people are distrustful of everyone, so homemade treats are not as appreciated.

Regardless, of its history, Halloween today is for the young ones. Costumes have come a long way. You don’t see those horrible, suffocating masks that had you sweating within 5 seconds anymore. Today, we see latex and much better paints. I really haven’t researched costuming technology in depth, but surely you can get away with a good one for $35-$50 and a little preparation. Women handing out candy are allowed a simple witches costume and men a supremely scary mask for enduing random screams from children. It not like we older humans can’t have fun, but know your role.

Halloween is basically free candy day. And you get to dress as whatever your little imagination can figure. Well, within mom and dad’s budget and time constraints. Skill constraints as well.

Then, there’s eggs, toilet paper, and flaming bags of  poop for the teenagers to play with. Who doesn’t enjoy the trick part when they walk out the door for work? A lovely display of Angel Soft swaying in the crisp, breezy morning air. The neighbors trying to hide their smiles as they drive past towards their morning routes.

If you have a kid, take them out to get their due. If you don’t, you can probably rent one or something. If you feel the need to dress up like a 38 year old Snow White with a tramp stamp or Iron Man with artifacts from your garage, feel free. I will be on my sister’s porch handing out candy. I may even do a block or two with the young ones.

To all you young and young at heart, enjoy this holiday with family and friends. Thank you for reading.

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