A long time ago, I was introduced to a piano. As a youth, I was captivated by the song, “Linus and Lucy”, from the Peanuts shows. I already had an affinity for music, however this one was a powerful reason for my asking my parents to ask for lessons. I took lessons from two different teachers and was not all that bad at the classical music. Somehow, after several years, my career faded and I have probably forgotten more than I once knew. However, I am getting my chops back with the help of my third teacher.

Cindy Mueller is the most upbeat and knowledgeable piano player that I have found here in Gainesville. She gigs around town which means to me that she is doing the deal. Cindy truly enjoys passing along her knowledge and her methods are tailor made to the student.

My goal is to one day play in a piano bar like Billy Joel and maybe even make a few bucks doing it. From there, I do not know. I suppose time and how much I practice will determine the future.

My reason for writing this is to let you all know that you can always pick up your instrument no matter how long it has been. They say, life begins at forty (or 50, I forget). And, music is proven to stimulate your brain. Learn an instrument, if you’ve never played one. The benefit of creating something should far outweigh the fear that you will not be good at it.

As you listen to music, find which instruments or sound interesting to you. Once my father took me to get a set of tower speakers to go with my Sony rack. I was confused by the selection and prices. I knew he had built a speaker when in the service, however he said the simplest thing. Just listen to them one by one and find the right one for your ear.

When it comes to music, it doesn’t really matter what you play. It matters that you play.

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