Don’t forget your father

It’s that time again. Time for the bad ties and other gifts which dad doesn’t want but graciously accepts. I usually get my father a bottle of Old Spice cologne.

Even though some children don’t know where or who their fathers are, the majority had a father who stayed and loved them no matter the violation. My father never hit me in any way. I know this is not the reality of many children with and before my time. My dad did have to put up with my early adulthood antics and I can assure you they were “interesting”. I feel for him and all the fathers who have good and bad kids, even though good and bad are relative terms in relation to Buddhism.

Fathers have given plenty time and money in an effort to get you to a better place in this world than he was. Often, kids fail, however most fathers support their children when this happens as well. It is when we fail at trying that they get upset. All parents really want is for their children to be happy. Unless you have a sadistic parental unit, your early life should be enjoyed studying, reading, learning, playing sports (if that’s your thing), experimenting, and loving. I grew up in the video game startup generation. A good father in today’s world doesn’t let his kid overuse the “digital babysitters”. But, I’m up on my soapbox.

Like everyone on earth has different personalities, so do fathers have ideas about how to raise their child. And of course, every kid is different, so the parent must augment their personalty to match the child’s. Life is ordered, but messy at times. What is certain is that the majority of the time, fathers build natural, protective love for their kids. They do whatever is necessary to provide, advise, and help them.

So, this Father’s Day, recognize the man who sacrificed much to give you some of what you have. The didn’t give you life, however he did try to better it. If you have no father any longer, you could reflect on good memories you had with him. If you have no memories because he left or you were adopted, then you know how to handle that.

I never will be a father and I believe I would have made a good one. That said, I don’t like baby poop and that time in which the toddler can’t walk or communicate doesn’t seem like a good time.

So, I applaud the breeders. I am grateful that God placed me and my father’s personalities together. They didn’t always blend and any other man might have beat the crap outta me.

Take care all and Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the fathers who cared.


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