Get busy livin’

I apologize for the lateness of my New Year’s rant. Nah. I’m trying something new this year. I’ve read that making resolutions is not all  that effective. Of course, when we fail, then we get to kicking ourselves and feeling bad. Instead, I will attempt small, attainable goals. Baby steps as Bob would say.

Self-improvement is difficult. Habits are difficult to break. Even though the want to stop doing a thing is there, it’s the work and follow through that it takes to finish the play that gets people. I’ve heard quitting smoking addressed plenty of times as an example of a bad habit. I smoke and have been since high school. I’d like to quit. I want to quit, however the little nicotine receptors in my brain have other ideas. Often, we have to enlist outside help. So many are just too stubborn, proud, or just afraid to ask for help. Today, there is help for nearly every addiction or issues one can have.

My main goal this year is to reduce drama and those who exude it. Also, I will complain less. Lastly, I plan to live genuinely. I believe that is a good short list to start with. No matter which goals or resolutions you choose, please make them attainable. If you set the bar too high, it hurts more when you fall. Go for it if you feel you can safely attain your dreams, but be ready to fail or succeed.

I’ll just end with this. Please be good to yourself and others. Help someone in need when you can. Take care or your own and do not worry about the state of the nation. Or anything else for that matter. All we have is today. Make the most of your moments. Damn, that’s a lot of M’s. Anyway, Work through your past and remember, the future is unwritten. Make your choices and own the outcomes. I’m not trying to preach as I need to remember these things as well. Stay true to yourself and all else will fall into place. Good luck, bad luck, or no luck, play your cards the best you know how. If the creator gives you a better deal, take advantage and, for damn sure, don’t fold.

Make 2017 a good one and thanks for reading.


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