Every day we go about our business and doings somewhat oblivious to the fact that we here in the United States have things many people only can wish to have. Every day should be Thanksgiving and we should work to help those less fortunate whenever we can. Someday, I will join with one of the world aid organizations and donate a year. In a world filled with so much pain and anger, more people could be taking time out of their lives to do such things.

However, there are organizations in your community that you can join. Boys & Girls Club, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisers. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, donate a phone to the battered women’s shelter. The list goes on. There are so many people hurting out there. Taking ques from spiritual leaders such as Mother Theresa, we need to focus on what positive energy we can bring into the world. We need to be the example for future generations.

I am grateful for family, friends, and an awesome woman who loves me. The world shows me its beauty every day. Birds, trees, flowers, butterflies, and people going about their lives. I get to exist in the cosmos and experience its wonder on a daily basis. Sure, I could think of a few more interesting places to live, but this one will do for now. Maybe for a long time.

We should all take time to examine our blessings and, if we have more than the average, I believe it our duty to give back. Not just in money, but time. Life is short, however it shouldn’t have to be overly difficult. Whether you believe in Jesus, Allah, Buddha, or any other religion, just helping others is central to all faiths.

There is only one thing left to say…Thank you. 🙂


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