Hail to the Chief

So, we are in the midst of another Presidential election. It is nearly done and I am quite relieved. This one has been fraught with mud-slinging, character assassination, vindictiveness, and hateful bickering that our nation’s children shouldn’t be subjected to.  It sickens me as a patriot and someone who has been taught a deep respect for America. My father served in the Navy and my uncle in the Army in Vietnam. Although, I don’t agree with our war in the Middle East, I support the men who enlisted. I attempted to join the Cost Guard, but was turned down due to mental health reasons.

But, what does our President really do? I’ve always thought him to be a figurehead. He (there hasn’t been a she yet) is the one that Americans can blame and criticize. The buck stops at POTUS. Does it really? Upon researching a bit, I found that our President can not really even open and activate nuclear launch protocols independently. There is a chain of command and many high ranking figures in our defense department and executive and legislative are notified beforehand. The chance of a “rogue” president bringing us into World War 3 are slim.

A typical day in the Oval Office is not easy. Every minute is scheduled. I doubt the President can even use the restroom without asking if he has time. There have been news stories where they compared presidents from entering the Oval Office to when they ended their term. I assure you that they have not gotten younger looking.

Yes, you get plenty of amenities and a private jet. Obama was not a fan of Camp David and preferred Martha’s Vineyard. Presidents get plenty of comps from the government and its citizens. But, the life of a celebrity or public figure comes with its cons as well. Think of the damage to your eyes with all those camera flashes in your eyes. Seriously though, I have a hard time going to small parties where I don’t know anyone. Our Presidents goes to large functions and interacts with powerful and influential. Then there are movie stars and singers they get to meet and have over for dinner as well.

There’s an element of danger to it as well. Even if your limousine is built like a tank, like our current commander-in-chief’s, there is always the possibility of someone taking a pot shot at you. It would have to be an amazing shot with a 50-caliber sniper rifle, but it could happen.

The President of our United States is powerful and influential. However, he is a face. He comes on your TV and gives you something to cheer or gripe about. Whatever your political affiliations or beliefs, realize that America is not a President or a flag. It is a democratic republic made up of the greatest cross-section of people in the history of time. Embrace the differences and do something to make a difference. If you are screaming at the television that Trump said something horrible or Hillary did that, you are not part of the solution. Get out in your community, meet people and enjoy life.

Thank you for reading.


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