First World Problems

This slang term refers to things people in developed countries deal with or worry about as compared to those in third world countries. Those everyday aggravations like the barista at Starbucks used whole milk instead of soy in our morning latte. Or, the cable went out just as our favorite sports star was about to win the game for our team. Life here in America moves at a blistering, fast pace. Often we don’t stop long enough to exercise gratitude for what we have and the fact that, no matter what socioeconomic tier one falls into, anyone can change their situation with a little hard work. No matter what the media tells you about the state of the nation or the world, there are many worse places to be. The old news adage, “If it bleeds, it leads” definitely needs to be updated. The horror movie genre is very popular, however I can listen to or watch how the majority of humans are treating each other and that is scary enough for me. We are also becoming atrocious stewards of the planet. I won’t go into specifics at this time, but we need to re-double of efforts if we plan to be here a while.

Therefore, the focus of this blog cite is to showcase the good news that happens every day. The evening news could spend more time on positive endeavors being brought on by people who care about others and about the world in which they live. Cherish the time you have on this rock and make it a point to show kindness and consideration towards those around you. Do good things not to make yourself feel better, but to tip the cosmic scale in the right direction. There is a question whether true altruism can be achieved. I believe that a few people throughout the course of history have exhibited honest and humble service to others without need for any return.

Please believe that you – one person in the midst of billions – can make a difference, even if you touch just one person a day. No one knows how the smallest thing said or a seemingly unimportant action affects another.

Hope is not a lofty ideal. Neither is it an empty word that does not apply in today’s world. It is real and resides within all of us. It may be buried beneath cynicism or apathy or realism. From hope comes action and without it,  the desire to better yourself is non-existent. Lost in a sea of selfishness and ego, your soul slowly dies. Make the decision to be part of the solution by contributing to the greater good . When, you may ask. The answer is always NOW.

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