The holiday season is upon us yet again. I walk around and see commercialism at its finest. Shop in brick and mortar stores, online, by phone. Everything you need is at your disposal. Hell yea, America!

The holiday season for me is being with family and friends. The presents are mostly for the kids. I like to see people doing good for others. The holidays are not for making businesses bigger. They are for helping the smaller among us. So many people out there who are in need for the winter and some just pass them by as they head off to buy that XBOX 5 or whatever for their brat kid.

I try not to sound preachy here, however I usually fail. Family and friends are important. But, remember those who have nothing this season. Dedicate your time or money to help.

I was working the late night shift on Christmas Eve at Circle K back home. I was in my 20s, I guess. I was quite bummed until in walked a man. I was the only convenience store clerk that would have recognized him. He was the maestro. Asian fellow who was the conductor for our local symphony orchestra. He spoke to me for a while and then left to go pick up his wife and daughter from Christmas mass at the Catholic cathedral.

Although I have left out a few details about the conversation, this was probably one if the best Christmas presents I have ever received.

Basically, just be a little nicer this year.

To all a happy, healthy holiday season. Take care,



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