Look for the helpers

With the world enveloped in turmoil over COVID-19, I think we could all take time out to listen to the advice of Mr. Roger’s mom. During this health crisis, there are so many people, whether it is their job or they volunteer out of a need to help others in their community, who are giving their time and energy towards the greater good.

I don’t watch much news related to this coronavirus as that is usually not good for my mental health. The numbers are the numbers, however you don’t have to watch the ticker all the time. The pundits and reporters do their best to entertain and get ratings. Many of the politicians act like adult children and aid from the federal government is slow to come. At least, that’s the short version as I see it.

Occasionally, if you know where to look, there are stories of everyday people – church groups, local food banks, senior centers and the like – taking the risk of being exposed to deliver food and supplies to vulnerable populations like the elderly. School districts have lunch pick up locations and here in Alachua County, our public schools have started providing buses with wi-fi hot spots available for students who cannot access the internet.

I feel there are too many helpers to thank in this one blog, so I will not attempt to list them. Whether you be medical people, sales and service, food service, janitorial crew, law enforcement, or whoever the people are who keep the internet – that means your Netflix, XBox, YouTube, etc. – going, know that I am grateful.

“Look for the helpers” is a simple and fantastic outlook to have during unreal circumstances. With so many seeking to use this pandemic to exploit and scam people, it is good to know that there are so many selfless individuals who care enough to help. Seeing kindness directed toward another human being who is in distress gives me hope for us as a race. A race of survivors. A human population that will emerge better because of this virus.

It may not be a “beautiful day in the neighborhood”, however if we treat everyone as we would ourselves on a good day, it will be much easier to weather this storm together. Service is leadership. By being the example, those who help teach others compassion and caring. Sometimes, a good deed can inspire others to act. It is ok to take care of yourself and those close to you during tumultuous times, but try to think about how you can help. The light at the end of the tunnel could be you.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

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