Mental Health Minute

It’s Spring, a time for sowing seeds, rebirth, and a fresh start. I truly hope that everyone is staying safe and sane throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. We’re being real careful, but am getting tired of sterilizing and washing my hands. This thing is real, however it will end. It’s up to us though and our perspective. Yes, we’re losing so much, but so many didn’t have anything to begin with. Stay positive when possible and take care of each other.

I’ve published a Podcast here using Transistor in an effort to bring those with a mental health condition some idea of the warriors who contribute to consumers’ wellness on a daily basis. Those recovering from a mental health condition should have access to wrap-around care services and insurance companies should cover mental health diagnoses like any other physical illness. There are so many people dedicated to providing quality care. I would like to thank them one-by-one, however I will find one representative per month to interview on my new podcast Mental Health Sessions.

Please click HERE to listen to this 12-minute show. Thank you.

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