Old Faces

There is no escaping social media these days. People all over the world use a variety of sites and apps to connect with family, friends and acquaintances. MySpace, one of the first on the scene, has found its way into the recycle bin. Is Facebook soon to follow? Or perhaps it already has?

For me, Zuckerburg’s flagship has become a mundane daily viewing of memes with an occasional video I find somewhat humorous. There is not much information posted by the few people in my friends list that I find useful. Wonderful. You’re at yet another lovely vacation spot with a fancy umbrella drink. Now I know you’re not home and can steal your garden gnome. Another one I love is the foodies or recipe posters. How about you bake me those caramel brownies and bring them to my house. Although, I do enjoy a good inspirational or thought-provoking quote.

Technology is as fickle as those who use it. Some sources say that most young people only keep their Facebook profiles active in order to stay in touch with older relatives. Twitter, Snapchat, Pintrest and a myriad of experimental apps have replaced Facebook among this  demographic. Businesses are the fastest growing segment of their users and some use Facebook exclusively. Oftentimes it is easier than building a website and it’s free as there is no need to host on a server.

According to Forbes, Zuckerburg has already swallowed up smaller fish like Instagram and WhatsApp. Does this mean even he knows of his creation’s impending demise? Either way, I won’t be going any further than Facebook. Being a dinosaur isn’t all that bad. I prefer to call someone when I can and even visit if possible. I like talking over coffee or tea rather than typing into a chat box. It cuts down on the risk on soaking my computer with hot liquid. The days of IRC and Yahoo Instant Messenger are gone for me. It’s not that the I don’t like the internet. It’s just that the novelty has worn off. Perhaps it’s my age, but I have a feeling that there are better ways to incorporate it into my life.

I have said that one day I’m gonna Jeremiah  Johnson this bitch. Although, going up on the mountain and living fully sustainable is far away. I suppose I will have to come down and hook into the quaint small town cafe’s wi-fi once a week or so. The email will say, “I’m OK.”

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