Red Five Going In

So many people go see movies then forget most of what they’ve seen. Or, so I’ve been told. I, on the other hand, have this unique, useless talent that is perplexing to some and aggravating to others. I can remember movie lines after seeing the film a few times. I can almost see the scene in my mind’s eye, but not exactly specific details about it.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about my weird “gift”. I’d like to talk Star Wars for a second. I still find it difficult to see how people do not like it or haven’t even seen one of the seven now in existence. Star Wars is part of my worldview. If I had to choose, I would always fight for the rebellion. Just in the background as like ground crew or whatever.

It is wonderful when a series of movies becomes part of the world culture. People all over have common ground in this simple and often metaphysical plot created by Lucas. Even though the “Halloween” series is not my bag, maybe the horror crowd on the planet can get join hands and party their own way. I choose to get behind Master Yoda and fight the good fight.

Star Wars, like any other sci-fi or anime or whatever you are into, will always be a part of our culture. Or at least I hope so, because much of the ideals of the Jedi influenced so many since their first appearance on the Big Screen. I guess there were those who thought of being Darth Vadar and having complete power over an empire. Oh yea, Donald Trump is a good example. That’s a bit off task though. The innocent bravery of the rebels in Star Wars tell the populous that tyrannical men and governments whether on a global or universal scale are unacceptable. They should be questioned and, if necessary, resisted.

There is so much more within these masterworks if science fiction that I could speak on, however it’s been done ad infinitum. I guess what I am saying is enjoy life through movies and everywhere. I am not afraid to adopt values and ideals from a script if it is a good one. Star Wars has its failings, but in the end, it continues to be a force to recon with.

Thank you for reading.

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