Sucker Punch

Back in the Old West, it was considered disrespectful to shoot a man in the back. However, fifteen years ago this day, someone hit America when it wasn’t looking. There are those who say we were and dropped the ball and the conspiracy theorists get it from there. Today, we still fight the war against the Taliban or ISIS or whomever. The twin towers now monuments, the battle lines are forgotten in the nightly news. On the home-front, fear of the Zika virus is killing bees and mentally deranged people shoot up clubs and schools. September 11, 2001 has sparked a horrifically long war and I fear that neither will be the “bigger man”. The United States has the capacity to take the high road, but pride often gets in the way in too many situations. Or oil, but I let the conspiracy theorists take this one too.

The sincere focus, however, today should be on those who lost their lives in all the acts of “terror” which happened on that day. They had no chips in the big game and no idea that their lives would be cut short by Islamic extremists. Their families didn’t care about anyone’s global axe to grind. And, men, women, and children are being lost. There are no acceptable losses in war and this one has outlived its usefulness.

The true mark of a patriot is the courage to say or do things that are against the status quo yet call out policies that are unconstitutional or inhumane. I would say that the fact that America continues this conflict with Islamic extremists demonstrates a lack of consideration for its people. Sending men and women into a battle that will prove to be a futile effort as hate begets hate will prove to be yet another failure of the United States government. But, Americans are more worried about “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and that is how they want it.

Muslims don’t want our freedom and there will always be those who will defend their country regardless of right or wrong. Would we do anything different if foreign troops landed on U.S. soil? However, this is a religious battle in the end. These Arabs truly believe that their cause is sanctioned by Allah and that alone should be reason enough to quit. We also are not dealing with the head of the hydra who are the men in the masques calling the shots.

In the end, remembering 9/11 is not about politics, religion, or oil. It is about honoring those who died and those who fought tirelessly to saving those who remained. Firefighters, police personnel, dogs and civilians working to comprehend such a tragedy. It was not an attack in any sort that we had seen before. And the enemy is undaunted in its resolve to exact hate and fear around the globe. I doubt it will end in a total withdrawal of forces throughout the Arab region. Would that solve the conflict and appease the Islamic fundamentalists? Maybe not, but we could tighten our boarders and just take a break from being the UN for a while. A short moment of peace would be welcome.

Well, that’s my little opinion. Thank you for reading.

Take care.


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