The Fallen

What goes through a person’s mind when they decide to enter service to the United States? I applied for the Coast Guard when I was 25 years old. I figured that would lessen my chances of being killed and still be a part of defending my country.

But, there are those who fight on the front lines every day. In other parts of the world, the fighting men and women are dying for whatever cause they are assigned to. Our nation has the most powerful military on this planet. Our technology is second to none and we have the funds (or line of credit) to back it up.

However, today is a holiday dedicated to those tasked to protect out freedoms. They died so we could live in this land. Consider, my few readers, if you had been born in a third world country where you had to wait for rice on a truck that was intercepted by militants all the time. Then, they dole it out as they see fit. We sometimes take grocery stores for granted. The United States military makes it possible for us to go out and get ice cream any time we want. That is, unless you live in a lovely rural setting where going out to the supermarket is not an option.

So, this Memorial Day set aside a few minutes to do whatever it is you do to pray. If nothing else, quiet grateful reflection would be fine. Be grateful you have interior plumbing and running water. Even though traffic can be quite aggravating at times, at least we have an established road infrastructure to rely upon. Life, no matter how bad or good, is better in the United States than most places on our little rock in space. I’ll probably stay a while.

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