The Sound of Silence

When I was in my twenties and thirties, my life was, let’s say, interesting. With my resentments, immaturity, and my mental health condition, I was a whirlwind of chaotic energy sponsored by Mountain Dew. Without going into too much detail, much of the time, my existence was more than hectic. However, I had supportive friends and family, so somehow, I survived my youth.

Now that I am 45 years of age, I find myself getting up before the rooster to enjoy the quiet of the morning. Crickets, early birds, frogs. No sirens or modified mufflers to steal my Zen. I know that plenty of people my age still need the fast pace in order to maintain a certain lifestyle. I do not have such appetites these days. I have a wonderful partner of six years. We live in a gated apartment community. It is a nice place, and I am content most of the time.

As I am getting close to the top of the hill, I find it important to be aware and take time to notice and experience life. We tend to overlook the little things while looking down at our devices or thinking about our day or what we said to someone earlier. Today, if I see a beautiful sunrise, I pause, enjoy, and take a few pictures. I didn’t do that when I was younger with my hair on fire.

Doing things in the quiet, like writing this blog, helps me to focus when my mind does not want to. I never understood kids I knew who could study with music blasting on their headphones. I like to rock out when I can, however certain tasks need stillness.

I don’t remember life being so noisy. I notice sound and music more than others, or so it seems. So many places – medical waiting rooms, restaurants, stores – have one speaker or another playing Home & Garden TV, or some playlist engineered to “help” people buy more. This need for constant stimulation or distraction is working well for the media conglomerates, however I am not sure if it is benefiting our society.

I have found that life involves a lot of choices. Much like the old computer adage, Garbage In / Garbage Out, our output is determined by what we input and how we allow information into our brains. Today, I choose to dial down the drama and violence just enough for me to feel human again. So, take time to notice your surroundings and be aware of how much unnecessary data you insert into your worldview. It is easy to miss a butterfly carelessly skipping along with the wind or perhaps something funny someone did, hoping no one would notice.

With all this confusion and distortion we deal with each day, try to enjoy some quiet. It was difficult at first, but I feel better the mornings I start with chill music or nothing at all. Choose your environment and do not let the media create your reality.

Take care & Thank you for reading.

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