The Thing with Luck

With St. Patrick’s Day coming, I get to thinking about what makes “good” things happen to people. Or the other thing. Luck is a belief like any other. When you catch a low straight-flush in a friendly game of 7-card stud, is that luck? Or, maybe the poker gods shined upon you. Perhaps, actual God showed up and thought he’d let you win one.

Whatever the reason, luck exists because there are still people who believe in it. I think I have a good bit. It’s that thing that tells you to go out for a cigarette where you meet this wonderful woman chasing her cat around the apartment complex. Little did I know I’d be with her still in a romantic relationship that has been going on 3 years now. When the creator takes time to help you, you had better take advantage.

There are those who say, you create your own luck. Maybe. But, if you’re down on skid row sleeping in a box, making anything happen seems impossible. For that reason, I believe that luck might be attached to karma. Let’s say you drop a loose penny and whoever sees it later believes in the myth. The simple penny gives the person hope that their luck might change soon.

You can also give to a homeless panhandler. Whether or not you think the person’s lying, give on the off chance that they aren’t. That they’ll get food or something they need. Believe that if you change the luck of someone else, then later, you will see rewards. Or not. Either way, you probably won’t miss the two bucks anyway.

Everywhere there are opportunities to show that you care. Even if no one knows about it, do it just because. I’ve had a lot of things go right that should not have. Situations, not just on the card tale, that might not have ended so well if it weren’t for something bigger than me.

We as a human race have free will and choice, but whatever deity or force oversees beneficial occurrences, I call that entity Luck.

Thank you to all who read this. Take care.

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