We the People

We the People

Red or Blue,
Black or White,
We are Americans.

People not politics.
Neighbors, friends.
Family dinners then Netflix.
Summer vacations.
High school diversions.

Budweiser or Coors,
Cream of Wheat or Grits,
We are Americans.

People not pundits.
The endless chatter.
Chicken little running,
Across the airwaves.
So much noise.

Mac or PC.
White or black hat.
We are Americans.

People helping people
Church groups, non-profits
The media is often silent
Ratings are better,
When stories are violent.

Saints or Raiders,
Indians or Angels,
We are Americans.

Whatever your background,
Beliefs, values, religion,
Today, you can make a decision,
To be in the solution,
Not join in the hate.

Americans are what,
Make America great.