What do you believe?

I think it best that, in times such as these, we re-examine our beliefs and values. So many are attempting to persuade you to follow them or try this or buy that. With so much hate and discord throughout America, it is easy to get caught up in the maelstrom of information that bombards us on a regular day.

I do not watch the news much anymore. I used to tune in until it aggravated me enough to turn it off. That, and the commercials. What I realized is that life in these United States is not as horrific as the media makes it out to be. And, it is their news. This presidency is the most soap opera, scandal-ridden administration I have even seen. However, there are good people doing good things around the world. The news mantra “If it bleeds, it leads” still rings true across the airwaves.

My America was founded by men who were independent, educated, and free thinkers. Sure, they were affluent white men, but they were not career politicians. Since then, our government has become some of their greatest fears. These were men of integrity who were more connected to those they served. Sure, they were still human, and had their failings. Together though, they helped define a new society of Americans.

I place my faith in kindness. It is only when I see one person helping another that I see hope for humanity. So many hate their jobs, their partners, their lives, and most unfortunately, themselves. Many exist on a selfish plane and I cannot say I blame them. Those who choose to forego the security that selfishness brings, and make themselves available to others have evolved somewhat. Altruism is not normal. Helping others and being kind is often considered a weakness of character. What if it wasn’t? We’ve tried most everything else as a human family.

The world is inundated with advertisements and propaganda on a scale never before seen in our history. Please take the time to re-evaluate your values and beliefs. Turn off the television and listen to your heart and mind. It seems like today, whomever shouts the loudest is right. We are all individuals with individual brains. If someone asks you to follow them, ask why. The more exclusive your social circle becomes, the more your mind closes off.

I am not asking for goodwill towards all, fluffy clouds and rainbows. It is fine to take care of yourself and family. It is in those times of distress such as a natural disaster that you see the best of humanity. For us to progress, it is the kind and altruistic who must prevail.

Thanks for listening.

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